Internet cafe/new camera/fishing tackle

June 9, 2010

Kind of a quiet day. Late breakfast and then to the Internet café to send yesterday’s messages. Then off to buy a camera, but first went to the only store in town with fishing tackle. This is where I bought a rod the other day. Determined that one way to fish the river with bait was to use a float. All they had were these little tiny red and white plastic bobbers like kids use in small ponds to catch sunfish. Oh well, bought two. Also wanted some decent size split shot but all they had were, once again, tiny versions. Will try without. They do carry cast nets when I decide to buy one but the cheapest were about $50. Plus, the weight of the net, plus the need to also have a bucket, and perhaps a bubbler, means I might need a bike first. Went my the Pali on the way back for milk, juice, beer and a small radio (so I can find out the time without turning on the computer. 

The camera

Looked for the best option among the three stores I scoped out yesterday but couldn’t remember which stores had the lowest price models. Lucked out and found the right store first. Decided on a Canon PowerShot A480 – 3.3X zoom and 10 megapixels. Sounded about right but what do I know about technology? Cost: 79,000 colonnes or about $140. One of the things I’m trying to do with these large purchases is to make them with my credit card so that I’m not using cash in hand.


Forgot to discuss this. There is no dishwasher. (BTW, if you want to spend on U.S. style appliances, they are available. However, you will essentially be living as you do in the U.S. and that is not my intent. Plus, it costs too much.) I have a single sink and drying area to the side that I have a dishtowel over for drainage. There is no hot water and you use a special soap that works with the lukewarm water available. It’s in a little tub by the sink that you dab into with a sponge or washcloth and then you wash the dishes without filling up the sink. I used to just stack up dishes in the dishwasher and run it when it was full. Now I do the dishes after each meal so as not to have food standing around for the ants.


Bought a set of linens the other day and tried to put them on my bed. Gotta look at the label more carefully next time as I bought twin sheets for a queen-sized bed. My mattress is basically one of the foam-filled things that lies on wooden slats in a basic wood frame. Once I get the lumps arranged properly, sleeping is fine.


This is becoming a quest of sorts. There are no dinnerware cabinets in the kitchen or cabinet/shelving in the bathroom. Need places to put stuff. I may have to see if I can get these when I go to San Jose in August to finish my residency stuff. 

It hasn’t rained in three days, even though it has been overcast. Since high tide is in the afternoon, I waited until 3:30 to fo fishing. Of course, it started raining just before 3. So maybe I’ll go, maybe not. Also, guess there’s a new crop of gringos in town as a couple of bars last night had crowds. I passed by after pool and decided to avoid the chaos.

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