First fishing in Costa Rica

Yes, I know this is a day early but the rain held off today and I was getting bored watching TV. The kicker was when my landlord showed up to fix the back door (which was too wedged in to open because of the humidity) a day after he learned there was a problem. With him working I figured now was as good a time as any to make the long walk and fish off the volcanic rock jetties. BTW, my landlord, (Jose from now on) also told me the Internet people would be here tomorrow to set up me and the new tenant downstairs with wireless Internet. When I moved in, all four units were available and I had the pick of the litter. But as I was moving in, several other people were looking at the units. One couple moved in the same day as me. They have a car and I expect they are Tico. Most of the neighborhood is Tico. I think there’s just two of us Norte Americanos on the street.

Anyway, back to the fishing report, which I’m sure the ladies in the group are anxiously waiting to hear. (a side note: I’m going to poison that little dog across the street. His barking is incessant this time of day (5 pm) because of all the people walking by.) Packed up my gear in the backpack I brought (precisely why I brought it) and started walking, Shuffle playlist pushing my step. The walk can take me anyway I want through town, so I took a different way to get there and back. Not sure how far it is, maybe a mile, but a two-mile walk every day will be good for me. However, I’m at a serious disadvantage with the location I have available to fish. This is a natural volcanic rock outcropping. It drops off sharply and at low tide you can see additional volcanic rock formations that must make up the sea floor all around. The water is very deep, very blue and warm. That means bottom fishing will be challenging.

Excuse me for a minute, it’s time for a rum with banana/strawberry juice. 

My trip took me past the main drag along the water, where they were setting up the farmers’ market. It starts Friday night and goes through Saturday. I may visit it tomorrow but I didn’t see a lot I need. Then I have to skirt around the marina construction area, past the Coast Guard station and into the small park. I climbed the rock front, carefully because a slip would rip my skin up on those rocks. Finding a flat surface as close to the water as possible, I threw a selection of baits, to no avail. With my back killing me and a storm approaching, I decided to end my first CR fishing trip. I did not bring my camera because I’m having some issues with power, even with new batteries. When I figure that one out I will take pictures of this location. It’s really quite breathtaking, with the hills dropping straight into the water, rock cliffs being battered by the waves and tress clinging precariously to the sides. The shoreline dips in and out until it reaches the long tentacle of Manuel Antonio park a mile away (and the small island right off its shores). Right about where I’m fishing, against the shoreline, is this 5-story rock, with sheer drop-offs on all sides and tress clinging to its sides. Looks like something out of Avatar. Oh, and when I was leaving the area, I had to take my ear plugs out to hear this roar being created by some frogs. 

When I got back home, Jose was just finishing up and I asked him for some advice (remember, he’s a charter captain). He mentioned some lures I tried and some others I have, so maybe it was just a bad time/tide for me today. Gotta find a cheap bike, though.

Food: Did I mention, much of the food you buy here comes in bags or containers. My dish soap is in a small plastic container (think cream cheese), my wash soap is in a plastic bag, the juices I’m using for my drink tonight are in a box (think boxed wine), my sugar is in a bag, as is my pancake batter (gotta have Dad’s pancakes on Sunday).

BTW, I passed a bar on the way home that had three pool tables. Unfortunately, it is precisely on the opposite side of town. I’m thinking of trying a different bar, closer to home, for my first Friday night out. Maybe it will have a table.

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