Dog day every day

You guys are going to get three e-mails today once I get to the Internet café 4 blocks away. It doesn’t open until 10 am and it’s not 8 yet as I write this.

I know I’ll get used to this but the dogs are a real problem here, especially in a residential neighborhood like I’m in now. Seems like everybody has a dog and they have inside/outside access or just live outdoors behind a fence. These dogs bark at everyone walking by. They usually don’t bark at vehicles, just people. So if someone’s walking by in the middle of the night, you get a cacophony of barking, as they each have to chime in. I dealt with this by putting the rotating fan the landlord provided (sweet) in the bedroom (don’t really need the AC right now). The background noise of the fan, plus the windows being closed in the room, kept it relatively quiet. However, I will need to get new, darker drapes for the room because there is a street light just outside. 

Did I mention I have a 2 bedroom apartment? Space for visitors?

Since I did not buy eggs yesterday at the Pali (only had 18-egg boxes available) and forgot to get jam for toast, plus I needed coffee, I took a walk early this morning. Also, went by the Internet café to see what time they opened. There is a feria (think 7-11 without the high prices) four blocks away on the same street as the Pali but in the opposite direction. Next door was a soda. Perfect! Got the eggs and jam at the feria and then café next door. I still have to look at the cash register to know what to pay but I’m getting there. 

Today, my first stop is the hostel to see if I can get my money back for the room last night. The owner said he would refund it if they resold it. Then I go to the bank to exchange the rest of my US dollars. Then I will look for small appliances, bed linens, towels and shelving – and a fishing rod. (There are no cabinets in the kitchen or bathroom.) I also need to locate a laundromat as I’ve decided I don’t want to buy a washing machine. Such large purchases will tie me down too much if I decide to relocate to another CR city. I need to do at least some of this before the rains begin this afternoon, since I will be on foot. I also have to be careful about how much I buy on each trip unless I want to take a taxi back home. Unfortunately, I don’t know where to tell a cabbie to take me, so I have to walk.

John will like this since he could never convince me to get up early in the morning to go fishing. Everyone here pretty much gets up with first light. Might as well as that’s when the roosters and dogs let you know it’s time to get up. So I’m up about 5:30 am (actually, that’s not different than Sarasota, given the two-hour difference). So tomorrow, I plan to go fishing. I’ll have to walk unless I somehow find a bike today. I was told about a bike repair shop that sells used bikes cheap and hope to “locate” that on my walk. 

Water: I’ve been drinking lots of water from the tap. No problem.

Internet/Skype: If my landlord follows up as promised to request Internet service for me today, it will probably take 2-3 weeks before it is installed. Meantime, I will be using the café.

Report later on my progress.

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