June 2, part 2

I’m in Quepos – but what a ride! Day started out with my Part 1 report and here’s some more on my breakfast at the hotel. Mostly traditional Tico fare – black beans and rice (good but I wouldn’t want to eat it as often as the locals do), a chopped potato thingie, etc. Orange juice was fresh squeezed. Milk was excellent (probably not pasturized). I’ve had water at two places and no ill effects. I planned to be more cautious here but have already added ice to my drinks (a necessary tonic after the day I’ve had).

Waited in my room until almost time to leave for Quepos but apparently I waited too long. The hotel docked me $30 for staying past the checkout time. That’s never happened before. Told them next time I was in San Jose I would stay at a different hotel but not sure the guy understood English. Oh well.

My ride arrived early and we took off for Quepos. A Gray Line van and I was the only rider. Very different since they can’t make any money on one rider. The driver didn’t understand English so I was left to wonder why he had no other passengers.

The trip down was more than interesting – even white knuckle-ish. Mostly two-lane roads, very narrow. Mostly mountainous the first half. Mostly rain the last half. Spectacular scenery in the mountains. In reminded me a lot of going through U.S. redneck regions, except these rednecks take better care of their property. Got a glimpse of the Jaco beach, which looked quite spectacular, but the main road through town looked like Key West on steroids. What a tourist jungle! 

Arrived in Quepos in the dark and in a rainstorm. It’s still raining two hours later. Oh well, it’s the rainy season. They rebooked my room at the hostel because I didn’t confirm it yesterday. Trouble is, they had bad storms yesterday and power lines were down. Saw lots of trees down and power crews were working on the lines as we drove in. The hostel had one room left – an 8’x8′ with a small bed and an end table – with a fan. I have to use a communal men’s bathroom that has multiple showers, etc. Kind of like being in the military. 

Right now, I’m using the Wi-Fi Internet in the break room, or dining room – lots of long tables and benches. Lots of young people here having their dinner, which they prepared in the kitchen. I have not eaten dinner and may have to pass it up as it is just too wet outside to venture out. Breakfast is free tomorrow.  

The hostel co-owner (quite hot Australian) said she knows some people who rent apartments, so I have a second source for that. She and her husband (also Australian) seem pretty cool. The hostel has lots of stuff, including the free breakfast and free Internet. If anybody’s interested, this place is called the Wide Mouth Frog. It has a pool. They’re on the Internet. 

It’s only 8 pm Quepos time, but I’m bushed. Little sleep the last two nights. Just so you know, I am now on Mountain West time, two hours earlier than you guys (on the East Coast). 

Well, time to refresh the drink and start winding down, maybe get some dinner if the rain stops. Don’t know if I will be able to give you a report tomorrow because I don’t know if I will have Internet access. So don’t worry if you don’t hear from me.

BTW, was able to link up with Curtis and my daughter via Skype video. Worked OK.

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