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June 13, 2010

Yesterday was a good day regarding pool but the same old for fishing. Waited until high tide (mid-day) to go to the river. I am trying to take different routes to the same places as a way of exploring and finding new resources. Paid off today as a new route to the river found a fish market (I.E., bait). Bought 6 shrimp for about a dollar. The river was high and blue water from the incoming tide. A nice ocean breeze was coming in so it was quite pleasant. The Saturday food market was busy and I stopped just short of it to try fishing. Tried using a float with the shrimp but no takers.

Later, my landlord showed up to replace the bathroom sink fixture and water line. Didn’t ask for this but it is an improvement. Jose is a good landlord, although he doesn’t know about birth control. I’m not sure how many kids they have but at least five. The fishing charter business is slow right now so he’s spending some time sprucing up his properties.

It’s a winner

Last night was a watershed for me at the pool hall. I’ve told you there’s this old white guy who’s there every night. He’s 80, loud and profane and thinks he’s the man. He’s also one of the best players here. His name is Guillermo. We played a three-way the other night and he won, with me in second, which meant the third person had to pay for the table time. Friday night, I played Armando for table time and he beat me 7-2. I did get him to play 8-ball this time and it was more competitive than the first time we played. Last night, Guillermo was by himself and “allowed” me to play a race to five. He only plays 9-ball. I actually won, 5-3. Some awesome shooting! Of course, he kept saying how tired he was and the Ticos watching just smiled and looked at me – and I smiled back. Guess when he’s losing, he’s tired. After we finished, there was a lot of Spanish chatter among the 4-5 people at the table. Guillermo is my translator and he said I had earned their seal of approval. The owner was effusive to me and I could understand what he was saying. Guess I’ll be a marked man now. Cool

Got up at 6 this morning to try out my shrimp at the deep water rocky area (see photos previously sent). Figured I might as well as the roosters and dogs were up and talking. Lost two rigs and my best lure (Kastmaster) to the rocks. On the way back, saw baitfish in the river eating off the bottom. If I get a net I can catch them. However, this will mean hauling a net and a bucket from home so will need a bike for that. Stopped on the way back at the bakery for some pastry. 

Back home had video chats with Anthony and my daughter and granddaughter.

Streaming TV/movies

Checked out a number of sites yesterday, including, to see if I could get videos of TV shows. Hulu is U.S. only and the other sites either were charging ($2.99 per episode of NCIS) or do not stream to Costa Rica. I did find out today that I can use iTunes to stream U.S. radio stations for free, which is what I’m listening to now. I can also download TV shows and movies with iTunes for a fee.

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