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June 11, 2010

Getting into the rum and other stuff and listening to my new “stereo system” with the song collection I gleaned from my CDs before basically giving them away. Journey and Forever is on now. About 6 pm. Waited for the rain to end so I could go fishing. It finally let up about 4:30 and so I packed my backpack and off I went. This is about a 10-block walk to the river and another 4 blocks to the rocky area. Thought it was going to be high tide but it was very low. Started to rain again as soon as I got there, of course. Got drenched trying to fish. Have to be real careful here walking on the rocks. They are polished from the surf and extremely slippery when wet. Anyway, Fish 1, Ken 0. I will figure this out.

I came to the keyboard because I was sitting outside on the deck, having a drink, and it occurred to me that all my neighbors have corrugated metal roofs (rooves? no). My building is new and does not have such a roof. Know why I know that? The downpour we had this afternoon was pretty loud for me, but it was nothing like what it would have sounded like under a metal roof. 

We have a new neighbor and the building is now fully occupied. All the units are mirror images of each other. New neighbor is Marlene, a stout 50-something, who was accompanied by her friend Rocky. Rocky is a Jehova Witness and has been here three years. 

Also met the neighbors in the other downstairs unit. They’re the ones with the car. They are Tico and seemed nice. The husband/boyfriend asked me about fishing and then showed me the trunk of his car, which looked exactly like my Mustang did – full of fishing gear. We’ll definitely have to go fishing, I told him. Fishing bud #1. They told me their names but I’m going to have to ask them to write them down.

Except for my residency trip in August and opening up a bank account (have to wait for utility bills with my address on them), I’ve pretty much crossed off all the things on my to-do list – except that damn shelfing. So I’m going to have to find some new things to do or get to work on that damn book. Not ready yet.  

The park

It’s about time to take the bus to Manuel Antonio park and check out this famous nature reserve. Will try to get Michael up the street to go along to show me what to do. I might be able to fish in the surf there. The bus fare is 50 cents and it’s just a mile away. Maybe that’s my fishing hole. 

The neighbors

When I get Internet access here I will send you a map showing where my cabina is located. Basically, what you have here is a 6 block x 6 block town. On the north of that perimeter there is three blocks x 6 blocks of residential units – cabinas. These are occupied primarily by Tico families. Some of these units are pretty squalid and others look opulent. (How’s my word selection, Robin?) I doubt that unless I stay here for at least five years, I will never have any real involvement with these people. But isn’t that pretty much what it’s like in NYC? I think I now have met 6 gringos and several Ticos. The network is growing.  

Lots of locals milling around in town on a Wednesday night. There was some sort of entertainment going on.  Hookers out at the downtown bars. Someone in the group said it was a candy store I should take advantage of. Maybe so.

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