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Lifetime journalist, author, magazine editor and publisher, now semi-retired and traveling the world. My plan, after living in Costa Rica for 14 months, was to visit a new country in southern Europe every three months to experience the culture and the challenge of adapting to a new environment, while on a fixed income. That plan was sidetracked when I was offered a job in Indonesia, providing an opportunity to explore Asia. I'm also using this time to write, having now authored nine e-books, including photo-essays of my experiences in Costa Rica, Croatia, Sicily, Indonesia, Bali and Malaysia.

Day 2 in Bangkok

The day began early for me at 8:30 with instant coffee and posting news on When he finally woke, Jack went to Starbucks downstairs for coffee and then started the bacon for breakfast. The boat tour terminal was a … Continue reading

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First day in Bangkok

4:30 comes early in the morning, especially when you don’t get to bed until after midnight. As I readied myself for the trip to Bangkok, the two “pop-up” restaurants outside my window were just saying goodbye to their last customers. … Continue reading

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Ready for Bangkok

My packs are packed, I’m ready to go, as Peter, and and Mary once sang. It’s Thursday, 5:30pm, and I’ve just returned from the walk to Harbour Bay to buy my ferry tickets for tomorrow. My ferry leaves at 6:10am, so … Continue reading

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