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Ken Anderberg – your tour guide

“Man was meant to live, not to exist. I shall not waste my days trying to prolong them. I shall use my time.”Jack London

“I’m not lost. I’m on my way.”unknown

The “2 Bags and a Pack World Tour” is into its sixth year of vagabonding from country to country. Already, eight photo/essay books have been written from the experience – Indonesia – An Expat’s Tale, Jogja – The Jewel of JavaA Visit to Bali, A Visit to Penang, Malaysia, Rome & Sicily: An Expat’s Tale, Costa Rica: An Expat’s Tale and Experience Croatia – An expat’s tale.

The 8th and latest edition is Batam Beauties, a collection of photos of some of the women who live on Batam Island, Indonesia.

Currently, the 2 Bags and a Pack World Tour is in Hua Hin, Thailand, and my posts will reflect that location.

The “tour” began in June 2010. I had been researching a move to Costa Rica for a number of years when, in 2010, it appeared likely that I would be laid off from my job. Finding a new job in the recession-plagued U.S. economy in my profession and at my level of experience was going to be at least difficult, if not impossible. That expectation proved to be accurate.

When I decided to take the plunge, I first had to purge myself of almost all my belongings, before moving to Costa Rica, sight unseen. My goal was to travel as light as possible, so I packed two large suitcases and a small backpack with clothes, linens, toiletries, fishing tackle, my pool stick, and small odds and ends I thought I would need. Everything else I sold or gave away.  Thus was born the 2 Bags and a Pack blog you are reading now.

My original intent was to make Costa Rica my retirement home, but boredom and my Type A personality changed that plan. It was then that I hatched my 2 Bags and a Pack tour idea. The initial plan was to move to a new low-cost country every year.

Initially, I focused on Croatia as a low-cost country that would be interesting to live in for a year. Unfortunately, the European countries only allow an expat to stay in-country for 90 days on your passport, requiring you to leave for 90 days before re-entering. So then I thought, why not “tour” southern Europe for a year, staying in a different country every three months. The challenge here would be that these would be four distinctly different cultures, each with its own language. I would have to negotiate the transportation in each country, find an apartment in each one, learn each currency, find places to shop for food and other needs.

In September 2011, I visited Croatia, staying there until November; I then traveled to Sicily, Italy, first visiting Rome for two days before leaving Jan. 18, 2012 for Indonesia, where I unexpectedly was given a job offer.

Four years later, and plenty of stories in between, I am now trying Thailand as a home.

This site includes a separate section for each of the countries I visit. Blog entries will be posted in the section where I currently reside.


Here’s a great site for information about living in other countries – Expat Exchange


My eight travel photo/essay books are:

Jogja – The Jewel of Java @ Amazon/Kindle

Indonesia – An Expat’s Tale @ Amazon/Kindle

A Visit to Bali @ Amazon/Kindle

A Visit to Penang, Malaysia @ Amazon/Kindle

Rome & Sicily: An Expat’s Tale @ Amazon/Kindle

Experience Croatia @ Amazon/Kindle

Costa Rica: An Expat’s Tale @ Amazon/Kindle

Batam Beauties @ Amazon/Kindle

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  1. Dear Mr. Anderberg, I’m posting here because I could not find an email contact for you. I am a producer for National Geographic and Discovery Channel programming and wanted to ask a question or two, if you’d be willing to give me a minute of your time? I don’t want to post contact info here, but perhaps you’d be willing to message me on Facebook? “Robert DiNozzi” (I’m the only one.) Kind regards, Robert

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